Welcome to Imaco ltd website.

We are a company that specializes in import and distribution of fine and wide range orthopedic products from around Europe.

Stationed in Serbia, Belgrade we have two specialized stores of orthopedic goods. You can find us on our address:

  1. Antifašističke Borbe 34 Novi Beograd, near Belgrade „Kombank“ Arena across the street from restaurant Novak (Djoković) near highway leading to Airport. GoogleMap
  2. Ratka Mitrovića 62a, Žarkovo near road to Čačak, look us up on GoogleMap so you can get directions.

*We also dispose with a wide network of distributors throughout Serbia.

You can feel free and look through the pictures of our products before you come to the store. Everything is transparent.

Imaco d.o.o. has the pleasure working with orthopedic since 2003. And made a position where we have everything that you might need in our two shops in Belgrade and availability of our goods in shops around Serbia with our wholesale.

See our supplier list here.

Thank you for your interest in us.

Imaco ltd Team.


For business inquiries contact us on e-mail: office@imacodoo.com

Telephone for English speakers: +38163220259